Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Berry time

If June is a month for roses, July may be the month for berries.

Not cherries this year, unfortunately. Despite a large number of blossoms back in April, very few fruits developed this year, and those that did were eaten by birds before they could ripen.

I may have blueberries in abundance, but I believe the birds already picked one bush clean. I need to throw netting up over the others.

The real surprise this year are the wild blackberries.

I wasn't even aware that that's what these were until a few weeks ago. I originally thought these were some sort of dry, inferior raspberry, with lots of seeds and very little juice. In previous years I had looked at the sharp, thorny stems and declared them to be a hazardous weed, which I cut down as quickly as I could. Then I noticed some of the berries darkening. A few minutes of research indicated that as the berries ripen they will turn purple, almost black, and lose their glossy shine.

As I've worked in the garden this week I've picked many handfuls of juicy sweet blackberries. It's nice having healthy snacks conveniently provided right where and when you need them.

UPDATE, July 6, 2018: First harvest!

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