Thursday, July 26, 2018


My seventeen day stretch of working is over. Eleven ten-hour days, two five-hour days, three three-hour days, and one two-hour day, plus a little extra most days. Tomorrow is payday, so I get to reap some of the benefits of what I just did.

First thing tomorrow, I plan on paying a stack of bills, recharging a few credit cards, and squirreling away some stuff for upcoming major bills. Then I'll take my mom to a few appointments, then go shopping. If it's not raining, I may hang more laundry on the line. Maybe I'll make a few more weeks worth of lunches and pack them away.

Some new flowers have bloomed. Phlox and butterfly bush, among others. One of the Rose of Sharon I assumed was pink has turned lavender. I may get a few shots of that. There's a lot of weeding to do. If it's dry enough, I may mow the lawn.

Saturday I do another five hours of overtime.

UPDATE, FRIDAY, JULY 27, 10:00 AM: Already mostly spent.

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