Sunday, July 15, 2018

Day 7 of whatever

Today was my seventh sixth consecutive day of work, and tomorrow will be my eighth seventh.

I worked my usual ten-hour shift on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I worked two hours of overtime on Friday and five hours of overtime on Saturday. I worked another regularly-scheduled ten-hour day today, and tomorrow I will work another three hours of overtime. Nearly every one of these days has been extended by fifteen minutes to an hour. My regular schedule begins again on Tuesday, and I'll work at least one but probably three hours of overtime on Friday. After that, who knows.

I'm doing this because I need the money, and there's a huge incentive being paid for overtime right now. I'm also doing it to occupy my mind and my time, to keep me from worrying all the time about my lost, sick friend for whom I can do nothing right now. Will the person I knew ever come back? Or is this the new normal, the way things are going to be? (At least, until they get worse.)

CORRECTION, 7/16/2018: Yesterday was my sixth consecutive day of work. Today is the seventh. I have corrected this in the post, but left the title as-is. Maybe I'm overdoing this a bit. Then again, I used to work four consecutive twelve-hour shifts at the DVD factory, with an hour (or up to an hour) commute at either end, and routinely tacked on a fifth or sixth twelve-hour day of overtime. I should be able to do this easily. Maybe I'm just getting old.

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