Sunday, May 23, 2010

St. Mary's in Nanticoke officially closes today

Today is the official closing of St. Mary's Church in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. It is more a technical and semantic act than an actual closing; while the parish will cease to exist - now officially folded into the newly-formed parish of St. Faustina, which will eventually incorporate all of the previously-existing Roman Catholic parishes in Nanticoke - the building will continue to function as the "secondary worship site" for the new parish. Given the number of people who belong to the current parishes, and the number of masses being held, and the limited parking and lack of air conditioning at the "primary worship site" currently known as Holy Trinity, I expect that the number of Masses being held at the church formerly known as St. Mary's may actually increase.

The official closing Mass for St. Mary's will be this afternoon at 3:00.

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