Saturday, May 01, 2010

Blog notes

I may miss a post or two in the coming days. Right now I'm recovering from a night at work, breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and a quick stop at my comic book store (in its new location) for Free Comic Book Day. I picked up about a dozen free comics, four or five regular-priced ones (that is, at 25% off the cover price), and won a raffle for a $5 store credit. Now I'm off to sleep, and then a brief appearance at the bloggers' gathering this afternoon.

Tomorrow is my younger nephew's First Holy Communion, so I'll be involved with that.

Wednesday and Thursday I'm signed up for overtime, which may or may not happen. This leaves Monday and Tuesday for yard work. Yayyyy.

So if you notice I miss a post over the next few days, that's why.

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hedera said...

Just get enough sleep, OK?