Sunday, May 30, 2010

If only I knew someone who could do something about this

I was at a party at a friend's house today. His kids are getting older, and there were fewer other kids at the party than in previous years, so my services as a Catcher in the Rye / lifeguard were not really needed, or at least not needed as badly. So I was able to actually relax, dim my hypersenses a bit, amp down, and just hang out. It was nice.

My friend likes to talk. He likes to tell stories. He knows lots of things, some of which are not known to the general public, most of which are things people are happier not knowing. Things I'd be happier not knowing. And in fact, I was able to detune my hearing enough that I came out of some of his monologues not knowing what he had really just said, not the details of it, anyway.

But maybe I should care. Maybe my election as a member of the Luzerne County Democratic Committee representing Nanticoke City Ward 04 was a bit of a joke. But years ago, when I bought my grandmother's house, I decided that this was the place where I would be for a while - "Here I am, and here I remain". If I'm going to be sticking around here, maybe I should get involved in making this place into something better than it is. Maybe, despite my documented loathing of local politics, getting involved in local politics might be one way of making this happen.

Still. What the hell can I do about the stuff my friend was talking about? He might just be talking out his ass, or he might truly have information that will blow the roof off this sucker. If only I knew someone who could take this information and run with it...

Oh, wait. I do. My blogging has brought me in touch with several people from the local television and newspaper industries. Maybe next time I am going to one of these parties, I should arrange for one of these people to come along with me. Maybe they can judge whether my friend is just talking moonshine, or whether he has information that could lead to one or more Pulitzer-worthy exposés. Though I'll have to warn them: my friend likes to talk, and they might want to bring a few extra notebooks...and pens...and batteries...and whatever is being used as recording media these days...

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Don said...

Dude: Do it. Do it all.