Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back to work

And now, to celebrate the beginning of my seventh year of blogging, another post whining about how I'm going back to work.

Not whining too much. I need the money, and I'm happy to have a job. I might be able to find another job that involves less of a commute, or is a better fit to my skills and education. But it probably wouldn't pay as well, or have even as little job security as I currently have. I think things will change, soon, but until then I'm holding tight.

Spring and Summer are busy times, what with mowing and weedwhacking and other yard work, and other household maintenance work. Even with the "bonus day" yesterday, I still feel like I never stopped moving on my days off.

And now I remember that there are some bills due at the end of next week. So I'd better check my credit union balance and write out some checks. Then I have to get ready for three and a third days of work.

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