Thursday, June 04, 2009


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We have a second feral kitten. Almost had a third and a fourth, but they squirmed away. Have set a trap, and will keep checking it.

This one is a little bruiser, at least twice Bowie's mass and pure muscle. Leather gloves were a good idea. Thinking of calling him Thor, but that was the name of Melissa Auf der Maur's late beloved cat, so...I'll think about it.

No pictures yet, because he's very good at hiding. After we grabbed him, I threw him onto the porch, and we've only had peeks of him since. He'll come around, especially if we get some of his brothers or sisters for him to play with.

UPDATE, 10:00 PM: My mom was able to catch Thor on the porch after he spent the entire day alternately hiding and crying.

You'd be forgiven for thinking he looks exactly like Bowie, at least in the face. He has a Mackerel pattern to his Tabby stripes, while Bowie has a squiggle pattern and a large cross on her back, so it won't be hard to tell them apart.

We made a bed for him out on the porch using two towels and a cardboard box. He seems quite comfortable with it.

Bowie and Thor's brother and sister (that's a guess) play in the bird netting we stretched out in an effort to build a trap. The black one (we think it's a girl) was wrapping herself in the nets, while her brother (also a guess) the Tabby tried to seal her off. Unfortunately, she got loose before I could capture her.

I got photos of two of the Tabbies in this litter back on May 26. To be honest, I can't tell which of these is Thor. The one in the first image and on the left in the second image looks too dark, tough, and mean. The one on the right in the second image doesn't seem to have the Tabby "M" on her forehead like Bowie and Thor. Is Thor a third kitten, not seen in these images?

There is now a Havahart trap baited with cat food under the overturned garden cart. We'll see what the morning brings!

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