Sunday, June 07, 2009

NEPA Blogs update

Please remember to click on the links in the Silence Is The Enemy post every day in June. It costs you nothing, and it generates revenue for an important cause.

I've been neglecting NEPA Blogs a lot lately. Gort and Michelle have been supplying updates and new sites and reviewing the existing list of links for dead sites, but the most effort I could manage recently was to post two sites that had been relayed through the comments. But now I've made two changes:

1. I changed the blog template from Minima to Minima Stretch. This makes better use of the full available width of your screen, not just some arbitrarily narrow section in the middle.

2. I added a section that will display the title of the most recent post for each blog, and the date it was written. I have started with a dozen blogs that I know have been updated recently, but I plan on eventually adding all of the blogs that we have listed on our site that still exist. This feature should make it easier to spot the "dead" blogs.

I'll keep adding sites to this list whenever I get the chance, and have the energy. But right now I have to get to bed. One more night of work, and then I get four days off!

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