Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wilkes-Barre Online

I've made a long-overdue addition to my sidebar: Wilkes-Barre Online.

This is not some sort of official website for Wilkes-Barre, Nanticoke's bigger, richer, and brighter neighbor. No, this is one of the oldest blogs out there, a blog from before the word "blog" was invented. It is many things: a tough-love letter to a city, a personal memoir, a spotlight that shines on everything that is good about Wilkes-Barre and beams mercilessly on everything that is bad.

I don't remember if I came across Wilkes-Barre Online myself when I was searching for local blogs for NEPA Blogs, or if I simply stole the link from Gort, or if it was one of the many local sites Gort brought with him when I convinced him to do all the hard work - I mean, asked him to help me manage NEPA Blogs. Gort calls the blogger who writes Wilkes-Barre Online (whose name I think I know, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere on his site so I can't be sure) "The Blogfather" because of his role as one of the original bloggers in this area, or anywhere. I have met him once (that I know of) at the local bloggers' get-together back in December.

The typical post on Wilkes-Barre Online is equal to about a week's worth of my posts in terms of length and scope. He covers an enormous amount of ground - a single post can contain comments on the local news, personal calls for action, snippets of autobiography, essays, rants, and pretty much every other form of writing possible. When you go over for a visit, be prepared to stay a while!

As always, I am adding this link for my convenience, as much as anything else. Now I don't have to go through NEPA Blogs in order to visit Wilkes-Barre Online!

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