Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pre-change changes

When I eventually switch over to a new template (to take advantage of all the new features of the new Blogger) I will have to re-do all of my customizations. No big deal for me, sonce my customizations are mostly just on my sidebar. But my sidebar was in need of a little maintenance. So the question is: update the sidebar now, or change it after I change the template? I decided to update now.

Her's a list of the changes:
- Camilla's old moblog site is gone. Long live Camilla's NEW moblog!
- Camilla has begun posting videos and songs to YouTube. For my own convenience, I've added a link. Check out her version of "Me and a Gun"!
- Marisa moved her Cheatham County Rock Star's Wife site over to Blogger a long, long time ago. I'm just getting around to linking it, and I've also kept the old site.
- I finally added Lauren's new site, Sundays Off. So now she has three sites on the sidebar!

UPDATE: I've also added Tiffany's If I Were Queen of the World. I found her by way of Ashley's site - more specifically, her SiteMeter. Tiffany was also promoting "De-Lurker Week", a week in which bloggers would encourage visitors who normally don't comment to comment. I didn't do this, because I think I mostly would have gotten comments like "I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with js3250.dll on Firefox!" and "Hey, thanks for the links on Cathy Baker of Hee Haw, but where are the topless pictures of her?" (As far as I know, there aren't any. Sadly.) Tiffany's writing, what little I've read of it, is great fun, occasionally gut-wrenching, and is at least as far-ranging as my own blog. So, go visit Tiffany's site, and leave a comment for her - don't be a lurker!

A few sites have moved into the "Blogs on hiatus" category. Remember, this just means "These people haven't posted in a long time, I hope they're not dead." There are at least two other blogs that could be moved into here based on non-posting, but I'm in frequent contact with these bloggers and I hope they will post again soon.

A few more have been added to the "Gone but not forgotten" category. These blogs no longer appear to exist. This is always a sad situation, and I keep the links in the hope that they will come back someday.

One special category is Issy Reyes' site. She switched over to a different site (her third since I've been linking her) some time ago. But the new site no longer seems to exist, while the old (second) site is still around. So I've left the link in place, hoping to find her again. We've been in touch off and on for something like ten years, and I hope to keep in touch!

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