Monday, January 08, 2007

Too tired to undecorate

Yesterday was Russian (Orthodox) Christmas. Many of us non-Orthodox Christmasers had our lights on one last time for them yesterday. But now Christmas is officially over. The decorations do not need to come down immediately, but they do need to come down soon.

I'm working on several intense projects for West Coast clients, which means I'm back on my old schedule of late to work (9:30 - 10:00ish) and late home (6:30 - 7:00ish) to more closely match the Los Angeles workday. So it's always dark when I get home. Not that there's really any way around that when the sun is setting well before 5:00.

I thought maybe today I would stop at the house and start to shut things down and take things apart. But when I got there at 7:30 I didn't have the energy or the heart. My LED lights were on when I came in - I have them on a timer so they would be on whenever I stopped over the house - and I took a last look at the tree before I pulled the plug. Then I dug out the box to the antique glass tree topper from Sears (made in West Germany), took the topper off the tree, and put it away until next year.

And that was it. That was all I could manage, aside from taking out the garbage, which was mostly the remnants of gift-wrapping from the past few weeks. It was too cold - finally! - to do much work on taking down the porch garland at 7:45 at night. I even left the wreaths on the doors. I'll get to them.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next weekend.


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