Thursday, January 25, 2007

Like photons forming an image on a screen

Beer, 22 ounces, Yuengling lager.
Salad bar.
Bacon cheeseburger with fries, extra seasoning.
Photos, cards, and gifts.
Talk. Much laughter.
Cold. Biting, vicious cold. What did we expect? We were on a mountain, and we had just driven into a gully halfway up. Of course it was cold.
Ice cream. Founder's Favorite - pecans, brownie, fudge, and caramel in sweet cream ice cream.
Snow. Snow! Was it just blowing? Was it the residue of the snow guns from the nearby ski resort? No, it was snowing.
UB40, I Got You Babe.
Guster, Amsterdam.
Cold again. But not so bad.
Back to the cars and frozen, ice cream-addled goodbyes.


Anonymous said...

You might need to start hitting the gym soon after that evening.

betz said...

i suspect one of us did......