Monday, January 22, 2007


Why does the furnace in this house always choose the coldest time of the year to conk out?

Well, actually this is only the second time that I'm aware of that the furnace quit. Oh, there was a time a few years ago when the temperature started to increase uncontrollably - that was a scary situation. And there was another time when the exhaust blower motor (I think) started to roar and grind. That was pretty scary, too. Plus, the furnace at my new house stopped working about six weeks ago, but that was because the chimney was blocked.

It's fixed now. Once again the service contract on this furnace comes in handy. The temperature is now up to 58.1 degrees here, and something like 61 degrees in the kitchen - I think it got down to about 54 degrees in the kitchen before the guy from the gas company showed up and replaced some parts and cleaned some other parts. But damn, it feels colder than that. Not quite as cold as the 20 degrees it is outside, though.

Anyway. It's warming up now. We'll have to see what we can do to get a few more years out of this furnace.

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tiffany said...

this is completely unrelated to this post, sorry about that...

so, you know how you've been noticing my eff'd up sitemeter?

well, now not only does it not work, it also doesn't even show up.

can you come over and fix it?
or at least give me some advice?