Monday, January 29, 2007

Even more snow

This Winter has been a wimp snow-wise, compared to previous Winters. Yesterday we had our second measurable snowfall, little more than an inch. Still, it was enough to require cleaning the steps, porch and sidewalk, something I had to do at two houses.

The snow slowed down enough by 10:00 last night for it to make sense to start clearing it. I swept off our porch and steps here and lightly sprinkled them with de-icing pellets, since there was a thin veneer of ice under the snow. Then I went to my new house and used a shovel to scoop away the snow on my sidewalks and my neighbors' sidewalks on either side. After again sparingly sprinkling some pellets onto the sidewalks, I used a wimpy little dollar-store broom to sweep enough of the steps for me to get up and down easily. Then I pulled out a more substantial old wooden push-broom to finish the job - which it didn't, since the handle promptly snapped off at the head. I used the dollar-store broom to finish sweeping the steps there, then came back here to clean the sidewalks.

So today I had to stop at Sam's Club to make some purchases. Gas ($2.159/gallon, down about twenty cents in the last month), a good-quality push broom ($8.78), a decent-quality corn broom ($5.48), two two-packs of rubbing alcohol ($3.08 each - we were all out), and 50 lbs. of calcium chloride de-icing pellets ($17.48 - I used most of what we had left from last year yesterday.) Unplanned expenses, but necessary. We'll see what the rest of the Winter has in store for us!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

With as whacked out as the climate has been there is just no telling what will happen.

dee said...

That's the joy of living in the south. Nobody expects you to show up anyway if there's even a hint of something wintry in the forecast. And if it does do something, we just wait for 24 hours and it's melted