Saturday, November 11, 2006

An unexpected day of painting

I stayed over at my house for the third time last night. The plan was that in the morning I would get started on winterizing the "storage" side of the house, putting up plastic over the windows to seal them and hanging up curtains. (There are no curtains there currently.)

That was the plan, anyway. As usual I took a good long time getting ready in the morning. While I waited for the water in the kettle to get hot enough to make tea, I emptied out a few boxes of stuff that I had brought over. I remembered that I wanted to get a photo of one of the Christmas wreaths I had made as it would look at Christmastime, hanging on the front door. I got the wreath ready, grabbed my camera, and stepped on to the porch.

...where I discovered it was well over 60 degrees. Very warm for this time of year.

I took the picture and revised my plans. Today I would finally finish painting the wrought-iron railings on my front porch.

And I did. About 90 minutes of wirebrushing and sanding and 90 minutes of painting, interspersed with occasional breaks, and I was done. The front railings are finished.

So. My porch is blue and my railings are black. The porch still needs a second coat, but that's fine. Everything has at least one coat of paint on it. (Including much of my right hand - one of my latex gloves must have sprung a leak.)

Now I have to plan some other time for winterization.


Anonymous said...

So, where's that Xmas wreath picture???

Yeah, it's warm here too. And the humidity is killing me!

D.B. Echo said...

Patience, my dear H.K. I have many photos from this weekend, and the wreath is just one of them!