Monday, November 13, 2006

Self-Portrait with Wreath

Self-Portrait with Wreath,
November 11, 2006
Per Mr. H.K.'s request, here is the picture referred to in an earlier post. Note the Summer-like sunshine glistening off of the lovely silver tips of my wrought-iron fence. (Next Spring, I plan to paint the rest of the fence. That will only take about a month, but is not on the "must-do" list from my insurance company.) Note also the reflection of the high-mileage blue Tercel and the close-set houses. (Sammie has described my house as looking like something out of the Spider-Man movie, and she's absolutely right. Young Peter Parker's neighborhood - well, Aunt May's neighborhood - looks a heck of a lot like the neighborhood where my house is.)

Here you see the greatest drawback of my Nikon digital cameras (in this case, the Nikon Coolpix L4): edge distortion. I had hoped I would be able to use the door in the final image, but it looks like I will not. Maybe If I took the picture from a distance so the edges of the window are well away from the edges of the image, the edge distortion won't come into play. We'll see.

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