Monday, November 06, 2006

Tomorrow is Election Day

Vote. It's important.

Tomorrow is a referendum. It's a referendum that asks these questions: Are you happy with where this country has gone in the past six years? Are you happy with where the country has gone in the last two? Are you content to let things continue along the same path for the next two years?

Are you happy with a do-nothing Congress, with an absence of checks and balances, with an absence of accountability, with a government that has moved so very far from our founders' intent?

Are you happy with hypocrisy, with moral bankruptcy, with an economy where the few grow richer by the day while the rest of us see our standards of living drop day after day as we shell out more and more for the necessities of life while we watch our incomes remain stagnant - unless, of course, our jobs have been outsourced to Third-World countries?

Are you willing to look at your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren 20 years down the road and say "Yes, I was there. Yes, we were warned - warned about the economy, the environment, the failures of foreign policy, the failures of domestic policy, about so many other things. We knew what was going on in the country, in the government. We knew. But we chose to let it happen, rather than taking a stand, rather than saying 'No, this is wrong, this ends here, this ends now.'"

If you voted Republican in 2000, or in 2004, you probably realize by now that you made a mistake. Our country is hurting as a result. But it's not too late. You can start making things right - by casting your vote for the party and the candidates that will start making things right.

If you voted Democratic in the past, you know what you have to do. Vote. And get as many other people to vote as possible. There are forces out there trying to suppress voter turnout, trying to discourage people from voting. Don't let them win.

And if you are Undecided - well, remember, the Undecideds have held the fate of this nation in their hands before. In the runup to the 2000 election vast numbers of Undecideds told pollsters that they weren't going to decide who to vote for for President until they were in the voting booth. Undecideds, more than Katherine Harris and the butterfly ballot, more than hanging and pregnant chads, more than Ralph Nader and a horde of third-party candidates, brought our country to the state that it was in in November and December of 2000, until the outcome of that election was decided by five Supreme Court justices. Undecideds may hold the fate of this nation in their hands once again. Please, choose wisely.

Tomorrow is Election Day.


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