Saturday, November 18, 2006


I just spent lots more money than I should have on Christmas decorations for my house. It's a double-block, so it's two houses, really: two sides, two Christmas trees, two sets of decorations.

Normally I would wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating, but I think I should start on the trees tomorrow. I also have a lot of stuff to haul from here to there before my family comes here for Thanksgiving dinner, so I'd better get going on that.

So, see, dee? I didn't wait until December 1st to start shopping for decorations! Though I was going to wait until November 24th...


Anonymous said...

Holidays are starting early around here, too!

anne said...

I am always a fan of "get the decorations up while the weather is still cooperating". At least the outside decorations.

Wow - two houses. I can't even imagine decorating two houses. Sometimes I can't even imaging decorating my one house.

Good luck with it and please post photos!

Gort said...

Way to go. It's not even Thanksgiving and you've brought out the Grinch in me.