Saturday, November 04, 2006

SuperG on politics

Today I went to the dentist, gave blood, got my tires rotated, got 277 digital photos printed, got an oil change and a car wash, went shopping for Thanksgiving decorations for my house, and went to church. Every one of those activities involved a considerable amout of sitting and waiting, except for the shopping, which involved a lot of fruitless searching. Now I'm tired, but that is probably because of the blood donation.

Writing about politics takes a lot out of me. I'm glad Election Day is this Tuesday. I plan on doing political posts right up until that day. Today I'm going to be lazy and link to a bunch of posts by SuperG, who says things much more passionately than I could without dropping a B-52 worth of F-bombs.

In THROW THE BUMS OUT, SuperG gives a list of reasons why it's time to end the GOP's stranglehold on the American government.

How the GOP Got Out Foxed recounts how Republican darling drug addict and chickenhawk Rush Limbaugh applied his Bill Frist-like diagnostic skills to determine that Michael J. Fox is faking his Parkinson's Disease symptoms.

Gut Feelings on the 2006 Election reminds us that all politics is local, giving us a view of the upcoming election through a North Carolina lens.

No Victory Big Enough lays it on the line: "The Republicans were the wrong party at the wrong time. George Bush has been and still is the wrong leader....This GOP world is a sick and twisted place. That won't change on November 8th. May be in January of 2009 we'll be on our way to a better world."

Go. Read.

And on Tuesday,


Super G said...

Thanks for the link-a-thon.

Hope everyone gets out and votes.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to catch today's Editorial in the Sunday NY Times... The last paragraph is perfect!