Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sammie's in the dictionary!

One of the things I love about blogging and the Internet in general is its international nature. Norway, Australia, and the rest of the world are just on the other side of a piece of glass three feet in front of me.

Two of my favorite bloggers are the two I started out reading first: Camilla in Norway and Sammie in Australia. Camilla speaks and writes prose and poetry in Norwegian, but she has also learned English from the time she was a child. Reading her blog you would be hard-pressed to identify her as someone from Norway and not, say, New York, although when you hear her speak she has the cutest little accent! Sammie, on the other hand, salts her posts with enough bits of Australian English (as well as references to dingoes and bandicoots) to let you know that you're reading an Aussie blog, mate!

So when Sammie used the phrase "mission walk" in a post I assumed it was an Australianism I was unfamiliar with. I looked it up and couldn't find anything online about it - not even an entry in the Urban Dictionary. By the time I got back to report my failure, Sammie had already commented that this was just a term she had made up. Well, at that point I decided that this term needed to be in the Urban Dictionary. (Fellow commentor jerry - who also makes regular appearances in Camilla's comments section! - had the same idea with the Merriam-Webster Open Dictionary.)

And now it is! Check out the entry for "mission walk" in the Urban Dictionary! I did not take the liberty of citing Sammie as the originator, but I did lift the chunk of text that was the phrase's birthplace! Check it out, and then go visit Sammie and tell her how amazingly cool she is!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Harold! I dont know if you can see this comment as its on an old post of yours. All these years later I thought about camilla and searched for her and found this great post of yours. Wow you mentioned my name and my entry about Sammies word "mission" in it. Its amaizing that I think only a few people in the world visited both Camilla's and Sammies site at around the same time period as you and I....we hold on past memories showing that time passes by so fast eh? If you see this, take care Buddy. Jerry