Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The day after

Still waiting for results from the Senate. Democrats won the House, but the Senate is too close to call. And Lieberman will be a wild card in any event.

Key races locally went in the right direction. Rick "Man-on-Dog" Santorum and Don "The Strangler" Sherwood are both out.

Now things can start to get back to normal around here. Some news and future topics:

- Ashley from Ink On Paper is doing a fundraiser on eBay, for the "Help Repair Ashley's Car" foundation. Comic book collectibles and other stuff - great gift items, just in time for the holidays! I'll post a link as soon as I have it.

- Camilla is going to see Nine Inch Nails in April, and she's mighty pleased.

- Why the hell can't I find any Thanksgiving decorations for the outside of my house? Is it like I'm hearing, that lots of people bought Thanksgiving stuff at the same time they bought Halloween? Or have retailers decided to skip selling stuff for Thanksgiving and go straight from Halloween to Christmas?

- And speaking of Christmas, why is it so damned hard to find non-prelit trees? Is it really worth an extra $100 to not have to deal with stringing up lights?

Anyway, all of that in later posts. For now, I'm glad the elections are over.


Camilla H. said...

MIGHTY MIGHTY pleased, I tells ya! :D

dee said...

You need to head to the local AC Moore or Michael's and get some vine wreaths or even straw wreaths and stick a couple indian corn cobs and fake autumn leaves and silk mums and voila! Thanksgiving.

Only you waited too long and you really have to dig to find this stuff now. I learned this the hard way when I waited till November to get thanksgiving tablecloths and napkins. Sheesh -- who knew they were gone in August?

Ann said...

I really thought you'd show more enthusiasm for the elections! I'm so happy, I'm not getting any work done. Usually I'm so sad or distracted that I don't get any work done. It's a fine distinction.

Don't know about the decorations--there must be some bargain-priced gourds and such around.