Saturday, November 25, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Well, I may not be moved in to my new house yet. I may not have accomplished most of my major goals, like painting or rewiring. But by gum, I've got a Christmas Tree!
Note the play of light on the walls. This is an effect I was really going for. Almost everything on the tree is either a mirror or a refractor, designed to toss around the light everywhere. The bust of Mary and the crazy lamp in the background are holdovers from my grandmother. My grandfather liked that lamp. I thought it was ridiculous, very "Dating Game"-ish.
A slightly closer view showing some of the musical instrument ornaments. Virtually every ornament on this tree, with the exception of the glass balls, came from a dollar store. Even the trees themselves are from dollar stores - it's damn hard to find small, non-prelit trees anywhere else. Note the painting of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsamane, another holdover from my grandmother.
A closeup showing some of the "crystal" ornaments.

Note the "candy" ornaments, also from a dollar store. They are glass, and have a milky translusence that works well with the intense LED lights.

No star on the tree yet - that's about to become an epic quest. 'Cause I think most of the stars available in stores today are tacky. When I find one I like, I'll let you know.

That's it for now. I need to take more pictures to show you the other aspects of the Christmas decorations!


anne said...

I like the tree!

Also, I have the same Jesus picture in my living room. I think it belonged to a great aunt.

rimalicious said...

Beautiful! Will pot mine ... in my new house ... soon!

betz said...

the trees are great...the mistletoe inviting. :)