Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Progress report 3

All Tier 1 items are complete. These were the three items that were required by my insurance company: replace broken boards on porch, replace broken storm window in kitchen, replace broken window in garage.

The storm window I took in to get repaired the weekend before last. Actually, what I took to the glass repair place were four strips of metal that used to be the storm window's frame. I picked up the repaired window this past weekend, but I need to get new clips before I can rehang it.

The garage window I had professionally replaced. It was well worth $75 to avoid having any major nerve, artery, or tendon damage cased by ham-handedly trying to fix the window myself.

The porch boards were replaced tonight. We started much later than I had hoped, and it took more than an hour to do, and required the sacrifice of two paint stirrers to serve as shims, but we put in the last nails at something like 9:15. That must've delighted the neighbors.

Reviewing the list I see I have also dealt with some Tier 2 items (heavy lifting and heirloom dispersal, the weekend before last), and started on the Tier 5 items (painting the porch) and the Tier 7 items (bringing in my kitchen table, chairs, rocker - which I assembled today while I was waiting for everyone else to show up - frying pans, and assorted kitchen odds and ends). Still a lot to be dealt with, including new projects that weren't on the list - like replacing the leaking drainpipes for the kitchen sink.

Oh, I made my first mortgage payment today - with a little (well, a lot) extra thrown in towards the principal.

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Gort said...

15,000 hits and a mortgage! You have arrived my friend.