Thursday, June 08, 2006

Post-dinner follow-up

Just had dinner with some friends. Here is my promised follow-up research:

Wobblies: Industrial Workers of the World, an international trade union whose membership numbers peaked in 1923. (See, I told you it was before your time, li'l missy.) Not a lot to do with England or skinheads as far as I can tell from the article. Must've been some crosstalk in my cerebral circuitry. Or maybe there's some link that I've forgotten.

The "...never got a dinner" routine was by Red Buttons. I first saw it on the 1970's TV show "Make Me Laugh". This is where I saw a lot of old Borscht Belt comedians as well as some up-and-coming young ones, including a big-chinned kid named Jay Leno and his "Hot Plate" routine.

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