Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Reality TV show concept

It's called "House of Lee".

Here's the idea. You put Stan Lee (former head of Marvel Comics), Jason Lee (skateboarder/actor, appeared in many Kevin Smith films, currently in the popular TV series My Name Is Earl) , Spike Lee (angry, edgy director), Ang Lee (director of movies about a not-so-jolly green giant and a couple of overly friendly cowboys), Jason Scott Lee (actor who once portrayed Bruce Lee - no relation) and Geddy Lee (lead singer of Rush) together in a house in need of extensive (but layman-doable) improvement. Armed with home improvement books and a weekly allowance of gift cards at a major home improvement store, each week our gang of Lees must tackle common home improvement tasks - remove and replace a toilet, fix a sink, replace a window,hang a door, install a deadbolt, paint the house - all while trying to deal with their varying levels of home improvement experience, overcome the egos that come from being both a man and a celebrity (or semi-celebrity), and work together as a team.

Wait, there's more. Each week the Lee Men are given their assignments by a distaff Lee - Lee Meriwether, LeAnn Rimes, Lee Ann Womack, Leelee Sobieski, Cathy Lee Crosby, Jamie Lee Curtis - who will then explain to the viewers the correct techniques that should be used, and will point out the errors being made by the men of the House of Lee.

And the host for the show? None other than Lee Majors!


Ashley said...

Wow! That's creative.

Gort said...

You forgot Jennifer Jason Leigh. Oh it's Lee, nevermind.

betz said... sounded like ricky talking about the red rangers. :)