Sunday, June 11, 2006

Edits to the previous post

I don't like making substantial edits to my posts. I have done a major content edit exactly once, and I think that doing so on a regular basis indicates a lack of conviction, a lack of willingness to stand behind what you have said, perhaps even an impetuousness or a lack of maturity in your writing. If you find yourself having to go back again and again to delete or modify things you have previously written, perhaps you need to learn to think things through before you submit them for the consideration of the world.

But I will edit for typos, for basic errors, or, in the case of the previous post, for major omissions. I forgot some of the stories my cousin's husband and his brothers told last night. Then I remembered. So now I've added them.

In case you're wondering, the additions are "bendy-bow", "Horsey", and "belt tag". Without these, the stories just sound like a lot of juvenile mischief. I'm sure that I'm still missing some stuff, but now you have a more complete account of the tales of growing up in Nanticoke in the early and mid-1970's.

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