Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm on MySpace, sort of

UPDATE: My MySpace page can be found at . ("anothermonkey" was already taken, possibly by the same person who has the "" site.)

I've decided to sign up for MySpace. I think it's a massively overhyped site, which is hardly surprising since it's owned by the evil Australian manipulator of American media and politics, Rupert Murdoch. (All those people who say "Neil Young is a Canadian, so he should shut the hell up about impeaching the President" seem to have forgotten where Murdoch, the owner of FOX "News", is from.) It's also a massive resource hog, and probably comes with an equally massive payload of spyware. And the only way you can comment on anyone's MySpace account is to join - a dirty business trick designed to artificially inflate member numbers.

But it's also very popular. So I signed up to see if I can direct some people to here.

The problem is that it keeps causing Firefox to crash. My computer is already not very stable, and Firefox has been notoriously bad for crashes lately - in the last few days I've gotten several search engine hits for my "Firefox keeps crashing!" post. But as I try to write up a "blog" entry on MySpace directing readers to my real blog, I think MySpace is busy thrusting probes and spybots into my poor little PC, causing Firefox to shut down - over and over again.

Maybe I'll get that entry written. Once I do, I'll add a link to that site from here - until then, it's basically just my (pen) name and a picture. After that, I don't know if I'll have much to do with MySpace.

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Ashley said...

My computer always has trouble running the script on mySpace. I too agree that it's not really great for pretty much the same reasons. I also thought it would be a good way to get people to read my real blog and of course network with other writers, artist and such.
I do get weird friend request from people with like 4,000 friends. I think they're just out to have a ton of fake friends.
Welcome to MySpace!