Thursday, July 28, 2005

Adding Lauren's Please make rice. I love you!

I tried doing a random walk through blogs using the "Next Blog" button a few weeks ago and was frustrated and discouraged by what I found. Most of the blogs I came across were fake "blogs": lists of advertising links mixed in with random snippets of text. Of the few blogs I found that were "real", only two or three had any coherence or content worth reading, but none of them really caught my interest.

I think the best way to find new blogs is to scan through the comments of blogs you've already decided you like, or your own blog, and look for commenters who have a) something interesting to say and b) a blog link. That's how I've added about a third of the blogs on my "Blog Links" sidebar. And the latest addition comes from a commenter on Anne's Almost Quintessence: Lauren's Please make rice. I love you!

I've only read a few of the entries on Lauren's blog, but already I can say this: she has the most exuberant blog I have ever read. The rest of us may wallow in bitterness and cynicism a lot of the time, but not her! She may owe this to her extreme youth - at 21, she's the youngest blogger I'm currently linked to! (Both Camilla and Sammie were 21 when I first linked to them in May 2004, and I have no idea how old Gareth or Dee are, but I think they're both over 21.) She also does some videoblogging (I may have to wait until I have a faster computer and better internet connection before I try to view this), and she takes really great photos. But don't just take my word for it. Visit Please make rice. I love you! and see for yourself!


Gareth said...

Woe is me, I'm thirty three.

I find a better class of blog by searching by description at Blog Explosion these days. Found quite a few interesting ones over there.

Lauren said...

Harold, you are so sweet. I'm touched. :)