Saturday, July 23, 2005

Adding and subtracting

I have added Marisa's Cheatham County Rock Star's Wife to my blog links. She now has the distinction of being the only person with TWO links on my sidebar: she is also the proprietor of (ATTENTION CATHY BAKER FANS:) Risa's Hee Haw Tribute Page!, which I will probably now move into my "Site Links" section.

I have also removed "Home of 5 minute walks!" from Puppetdude's Puppetdude3, since he milked the "5 minute walks" idea dry some time ago. (Check out his latest thing - posting topics alphabetically!)

I have also done something that's a first for me - I've delisted someone. The less said about this the better, since almost everything I've ever said to this person has incurred her (apparently) easily incurrable wrath. She has also delisted me (something I expected months ago, when I first incurred her wrath), and taken the unusual step of deleting my "Welcome back" comments from when her blog returned from the never-never land of non-functionality, and then decried any suggestions that her blog had been "on hiatus" (which simply means "this person has stopped posting, I sure hope they're not dead") or even "down" (despite the fact that it had, for all practical definitions of the term, been down for several weeks.) But, as Karl "When Dubya Calls Me 'Turd Blossom', He's Half Right" Rove once said, I've already said too much.

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