Friday, July 29, 2005

Another test, with some code

Now I'm trying to post by mail again, but this time with a little code thrown in at the bottom to act as a stop. Let's see if this works...

(Not so good this time. It ended fine, but now the different font is applying to everthing...and my sidebar has been forced to the bottom. Bah. I'll manually reformat the text of these two entries. Bottom line: it's good for getting your text posted, but may do unexpected things format-wise.)


Lauren said...

That goat is FANTASTIC!!!!! :) I laughed so hard. Where would I find me one of them musical rams?

D.B. Echo said...

I bought that one at Big Lots! last June. They had a whole set - I meant to get one playing Pan-pipes, but when I went back for it it was gone.

I intended to go back again this May to see if they might have them again, but May was...difficult. But I'm keeping my eyes open, just in case they pop up somewhere else!