Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is it Firefox, or is it just me?

I thought Firefox was supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced cheese. Yet it craps out on me more often than Internet Explorer ever did. I just installed version 1.06 with "stability updates" the other day, but it's crashed half a dozen times since then - more often than it did before I installed 1.06. And now I just lost a long and complicated post because, like and idiot, I decided to run a SPELL CHECK BEFORE SAVING IT!


Betz said...

erm, what is firefox?

D.B. Echo said...

Heh. You posted a comment while I was adding a link to the Firefox home page. It's an internet browser, supposedly more stable and secure than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The download is free, and it's got a lot of nice features. Still, I wish it didn't crash so often.

Katie said...

Harold, I know that you HATE when i forget doing something...yet..
I do not remember asking you what firefox is?
Can this be the best Topie of all time?
Should we immediately write to Lorena about this?