Sunday, July 24, 2005

Life In Hell, Part 1

Long before Matt Groening came to national attention as the creator of The Simpsons, he was putting out a weekly comic strip called Life In Hell. The Simpsons is essentially a watered-down, cleaned-up version of Matt Groening's original cartoon.

My interest in Life In Hell goes back nearly 20 years. Since that time I have had a series of Life In Hell-related adventures that have led to me being the moderator of Allison H.'s rebooted Yahoo Group xlifeinhellx.*

Today was a recovery day for me. An over-the-counter remedy coupled with a diet of toast and tea and chicken soup broth left me feeling a little groggy, and I found myself at the computer Googling Life In Hell sites. I found one that is relatively new and looks pretty good. What The Hell is the self-described "Ultimate Life In Hell Website". (This saddens me a bit, since if it is literally true it means there shall be no more such websites.) It has loads of links, loads of scans, and some information that I haven't gotten from other sources.

I'm adding What The Hell and xlifeinhellx to my sidebar. Check them out, and please join our little Yahoo group. Just let the moderator know that you heard about it from D.B. Echo at Another Monkey!

*The original version of this group, lifeinhell, was created in another application that was later taken over by Yahoo, and somewhere in the transition a glitch popped up which blocked Allison from exerting control over membership - so consequently the original group was taken over by spammers and spambots.

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