Monday, July 04, 2005

Rove's head. Platter. NOW.

Now that it looks like Joe Wilson's contention that Karl Rove was the source of the leak to conservative darlin' Robert Novak that Wilson's wife Valerie Plame was actually a covert CIA operative is being confirmed (which I first read about here on Saturday), it's time for us wimpy liberals to demand a few things:

1. Karl Rove must be immediately arrested on suspicion of treason. Ideally he could be granted a speedy trial and be executed tonight during the Fourth of July festivities, but that may be asking a bit much.

2. Robert Novak must be detained immediately as a material witness. He knew who leaked the information to him, but failed to do anything about it. Charges must also be brought against him as the person responsible for broadcasting the leaked material.

3. Congress must reinstate the Office of Independent Counsel to immediately conduct an investigation of the Bush Administration. What did they know about this leak, and when did they know it? And just how did Karl Rove come into possession of this information?

How Rove must have laughed to know that his identity was being protected by the integrity of the very reporters who refused to broadcast his leak, reporters who were willing to do jail time rather than violate their journalistic standards. They deserve special Pulitzer prizes for their courage and integrity.

And Rove deserves to be hanged by the neck until he is dead, dead, dead.


Betz said...

You bring up some interesting food for thought here Harold.
I for one agree on all counts.

I look forward to seeing the backlash on this here blog entry.

Super G said...

A late comment as I've been on vacation. Without any internet. Phew.

I doubt the Right cannot bend itself to acknowledge the outrageousness of Rove's abuse of power and position. Look for some half hearted pointing at Clinton (or other liberal icons) and hiding behind legalities, but the Right doesn't have the heart to take on it's own.

Why does Rove need to know Wilson's wife was a CIA operative? Why did he put her in play? There aren't any good answers here. This was a sad and despicable act.

Super G