Saturday, July 02, 2005

A long dry season

It's cooler here today, but we still haven't had any rainfall in the last three weeks more significant than a five-minute sprinkle on Wednesday night. All around us communities are getting hit with sudden downpours, but not us.

My lawn is so dry that the only signs of green in the field of brown are the Dutch clover (which is mistakenly thought of as a weed) and the spiky weeds that I think are narrow-leafed plantain (not the sort that you eat). As this is the Fourth of July weekend, in which many Americans celebrate freedom, liberty, independence, and the foundation of their nation through such traditions as drunk driving and illegal fireworks, I am concerned that a tossed cigarette butt or a stray bottle-rocket could easily turn the neighborhood into a blazing inferno.

I will go out soon and water my tomato plants and continue to plant my new garden. I hope it doesn't all go up in flames this weekend.

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