Friday, April 23, 2010

On Trust: Semi-random stuff from the radio

I heard an amusing piece on Morning Edition on the way home yesterday. Not for what's said, exactly - the tone is quite neutral, with no attempt to make the subjects look ridiculous, and yet there are tidbits strewn here and there. For example, who would have expected that what energizes "Young Conservatives" is actually a frustrated sense of entitlement? Somebody didn't do his Ayn Rand reading assignment.*

Here it is. It clocks in at just over four and a half minutes.

Rising Distrust Is Wind In Conservatives' Sails : NPR

And while we're on the subject of trust - this is a great story from yesterday's All Things Considered. Need to increase donations during the Public Radio pledge drive? Just give listeners a snootful of oxytocin,** and they'll start handing over their money quite generously:

When The 'Trust Hormone' Is Out Of Balance : NPR

*Full disclosure: I've never read Ayn Rand, either.
**Not to be confused with oxycodone or oxycontin.

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