Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too tired to write

I am going to bed soon. I am exhausted - and this is only day one of my four-day rotation. Day two for me, with overtime.

I miss my friends. I miss being able to talk with them, and visit them, and even chat online. Now my off-time is taken up by kittens, yard work, and not much else. Any free hours are strictly timed. I miss having the luxury of time. As soon as I have it again I will be trying to make up for everything I'm neglecting now.

Last year whenever I was laid off I felt ashamed, inadequate, unwanted and unneeded. Now, when the time comes again, I will face the prospect with open arms, and revel in the free time.

This overtime helps to cushion the impact of being laid off again eventually. My financial situation in general much better than it was last year, when I was earning paychecks based on a 40-hour week. Now I'm typically putting in five twelve-hours days (well, nights) which translate into 70 hours of pay each week - plus a shift differential for being on nights. The money is paying the bills now, with a promise of more money in the inevitable unemployment checks.

Whatever. I am very tired. Time for bed.

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