Sunday, September 13, 2009


Worked last night. Went shopping afterwards. Came home. Transferred some photos to CD. Went to church. Gave one of the CDs to a friend - it was of his band playing out last week. Went to the donuts and coffee social afterwards. Went grocery shopping with my mom.

Came home. Ate. Passed out for four hours.

Got up. Gradually pulled myself together. Hauled myself over to my house to mow the lawn.

And then the sun set.

Dammit, when did the sun start setting so early? I guess I've been spending so many evenings indoors at work lately, I haven't noticed the sun setting earlier and earlier. By 7:45 tonight it was too dark for me to even see what I was mowing. I only got about half the yard mowed, and none of the weed whacking.

So tomorrow I will have to mow the other half of my lawn, and all of my mom's lawn.

Tuesday night I go back to work for at least five nights.

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