Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bits and pieces

Each new rotation it's like I'm just coming into the world for the first time, at least as far as squeezing in an update goes.

I've got lots of ideas floating around, but insufficient time to write them down - in part because they are long and involved, in part because I just spent the last hour and a half taking out garbage, feeding the cats, making an excellent omelette (with dehydrated onions, sesame seeds, ham, and three types of cheese), eating the excellent omelette, and catching up on friends' posts on their blogs and Facebook. So now I am too tired to write down any of the stuff I was thinking about all last night.

"No one should die because they do not have health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick." That's the health care reform manual meme that's been kicking around Facebook the past few days. But I'd like to expand it with a few real-life examples from my life and the lives of family and friends.

Forgiveness. Under what circumstances do you find it impossible to forgive something? Under what circumstances is it appropriate not to forgive?

The Lunatic Fringe of the Republican Party: vocal minority, the new majority, or useful idiots providing a smokescreen and helping to sway the soft-minded? (And what sort of precedent has Joe "You lie!" Wilson set? )

Complex Actions: A new web comic by the husband of a friend. If you're a fan of World of Warcraft or other fantasy MMORPGs, you may find this interesting. If you have no idea what that last sentence meant, you might want to check it out anyway.

...aaand I'm sure there were a few other ideas. But I have to go to bed now.

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