Monday, March 23, 2009

sour bowl monkey vomit

I get the oddest search engine hits on my site. Who would be searching for sour bowl monkey vomit? And why? (My site appears on the twelfth page of search results for this, in part due to this entry and this entry. Did the person searching for this term click through to the previous 110+ results?)

cathy baker hee haw death is enduringly popular. As far as I know, Cathy Baker, the "That's All!" girl from the end of Hee Haw, is still alive, though a lot of people seem to think otherwise. If anyone needs to set up her own personal site, it's her.

eye hooks how to sideshow: This is not the sort of thing I would want to learn about from the Internet.

Once in a while I get hits for leaf raking. Is this the sort of thing for which anyone needs instructions?

Searches like show me a photo of a red leaf rake suggest that some people have search engines slightly more sophisticated than the ones I use. Mine usually just search based on words, not specific instructions. Every time I see something like this I am reminded of Scotty in Star Trek IV speaking instructions into a mouse when he is using a 1986-era computer.

cake shaped like poo stems from the "Poop Cake" of a few years back - though, to be honest, the cake was shaped like a litter box; the poop was just Tootsie Rolls.

Not that I mind these searches. All are welcome. Well, once in a while I get ones that are just plain disturbing...but the less said about them, the better!

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Jennifer said...

Star Trek IV. What a great movie.