Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to work, again!

Assuming I don't get laid off sometime in the next twelve hours, I'm about to go back in for four! more! days! of money-earning, back-of-the-hand-burning fun.

Well, four more nights, I should say. My first four nights went very quickly. Working all night is very easy for me, it turns out, and as long as I'm on a roll and things are going well, the work is not all that bad. But some days - nights - it only takes a single penny on the tracks to derail the train.

I did have a hell of a time adjusting back on these four days off. Friday - well, I've noted what I did Friday already. Saturday I was still out of it, though I got some necessary chores accomplished. Sunday I felt half-asleep most of the day and accomplished nothing besides watching two episodes of Cosmos on DVD. Monday was the first day I felt somewhat normal - and now it's time to shift back to sleeping during the day and working all night.

But it's money, baby. Money to pay the mortgage and the utilities and the various insurances. Money to pay down the credit card debt. Money to keep the car running so I can go to work and earn more money.

And in four more days I will be shifting gears again. With any luck, it will be an easier transition.

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dee said...

All I know is I'd be dead if I had your schedule. The hardest stint I've ever done in my life was the 6 months on midnights at the nursing home. The work itself was easy when compared to the other two shifts, but I NEVER got used to the hours. How my brother managed swing shifts all his life amazes me.