Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rotation's end

Well, I'm done with work for this rotation.

I should probably go to bed soon. I don't think I can just transition instantly to being up during the day. Which is too bad - it looks like a beautiful day.

I need to figure out how to adjust to the end of the rotation quickly. I have plans for next Sunday, the end of a rotation, and for May 15, which is also the end of a rotation.

I should try to make arrangements to get my car inspected next week on Monday or Tuesday. But maybe that can wait.

I was supposed to give blood today, but the Red Cross called to cancel. Just as well. I would probably fall asleep while donating.

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...tom... said...

Gotta love the Google ads...

Cord Blood Registry
CPR recertification
Donate Car - Free Pickup
Vista Cord Blood Bank
Blood Donor

Might need that one, depending on how that car inspection goes...

And yeah, I clicked on one. Just to see what that 'Cord blood bank' is all about.