Monday, March 02, 2009

Another American Portrait

My car has been having problems starting off and on for a few weeks - really for just two days a few weeks ago, and then again last Monday. As of last Tuesday has not been able to start at all. The guy sent out by AAA was able to get my car started this morning, and I drove it across town to the garage across the street from my house there. (Going on three years since I bought it, and I still haven't moved in!) They weren't sure when they could look at it, and I didn't expect them to be done with it today. I had taken along my camera and tripod with the idea that after a few hours at the house I would walk back across town by way of the cemetery and get pictures - I figured the new-fallen show should make for some pretty landscapes.

That's just what I did. Turns out the car needs a new battery terminal end - the acid that's been vomiting out of the Sears DieHard battery since the day after the warranty expired ate away at the terminal end on one of the cables, causing it to be unable to supply enough current to get the engine started. Plus, the battery itself is just about due for replacement, so I told them to go ahead and do that, too. They'll have these things taken care of which point we'll find out if the starter is still working OK.

The walk across town was insanely cold. What a day to not have earmuffs with me! I stopped at one spot in the cemetery, unfolded my tripod, attached the camera, and got ready to take a picture - and suddenly the wind picked up to something that felt like 30 mph. The wind chill made it feel like my face and ears would freeze off, and the wind was strong enough to nearly tip my tripod.

I got a few snapshots and a quick panorama and I moved along. I hustled along a long, curving path, intent on getting out of the cemetery and into a place a little less exposed to the wind. At one point I glanced back and saw this - and knew I had to photograph it.

That's St. Mary's church, framed by several trees in the cemetery. Note the flags standing straight out due to the wind.

I did get a few more photos and panoramas on the way home. Maybe after my body temperature gets back above room temperature, I'll get around to posting them.

Title reference: Another Monkey: An American portrait


whimsical brainpan said...

Glad the car problem was an easy fix.

Can't wait to see the other pictures you took.

D.B. Echo said...

Whim, I wish that were the end of it. Turned out that while I was walking across town into a frozen hurricane, the garage was trying to call me to tell me that after they replaced the two things that obviously needed replacing, it turned out the problem was still there. So next step was a new starter. After that, who knows? I should ask for the old one back and strip out the copper for its recycling value!

I just posted another photo from this walk. Maybe I'll post them all, in the order that I took them!