Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weather and work

This is another advantage of my work schedule: I have a four in eight chance of having bad weather for my commute, while everyone else has a five in seven chance. For direct comparison, that's a 28 in 56 chance for me vs. a 40 in 56 chance for everybody else.

Unfortunately, the 56-sided die was rolled and I failed my saving throw.

The problem is a double - well, triple whammy: The weather event is happening on a weekend, when prompt snow removal is a lower priority than if schoolchildren and most 9-to-5 Monday-through-Friday commuters would be affected. And my commute takes place in the early-morning hours, usually starting off at 5:00 AM, though tomorrow (if I decide to go) I will need to leave closer to 4:00 AM. Plowing the streets and highways for any commuters who might be using them at such a preposterous hour is also not a priority.

Wait, make that a quadruple whammy: the snow is still coming down as I write this, and is expected to continue until 6:00 in the morning. Now, why should anyone consider plowing streets or highways in the wee hours of a Sunday morning at a time when the storm is still expected to be going on?

But money is money, and we are talking a lot of money here. I can take the day as a personal day, but that will be money not available to me at the end of the year. We'll see how things look in the morning...very early in the morning.


RMinNJ said...

Only about three inches here. We thought we'd be snowed in but this was nothing compared to the ice on Wednesday.

Good luck

dizzy blond said...

are you on facebook?//

dizzy blond said...

Are you on facebook???

D.B. Echo said...

Dizzy Blond - yes! But I don't have my Facebook site linked here. Please e-mail me (address in the upper right-hand sidebar)and I'll send you the link!