Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick updates before the collapse

Gotta get to bed soon. Just some notes:

- Snow wasn't as bad as predicted, and roads weren't as bad as I feared. Oh, I still had to punch my way through a wall of ice to open the door of my car, and it did take me 52 minutes to travel the 33 miles to work instead of the traditional 40 minutes. But I have had much worse experiences on my commute. Like, say, last night.

- Yes, I did not get laid off this rotation, for which I am immensely glad. Though today was very frustrating in a lot of ways, I'm still glad to be earning money. Don't know if my luck will last into next rotation - I'll find out on Friday, if not sooner.

- Inauguration Day next Tuesday! If I'm working, that's the last day of my rotation, so I would be up for any gatherings and/or celebrations after about 7:00. If I'm not working, I'm free all day!

- Everybody seems to have posted to their blogs and/or Facebook accounts today. I have a lot of catching up to do. But not tonight! Tonight is for sleeping. Now.

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