Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too much to tell

Today was another Big Day - which is defined as a day where I run two or more errands in sequence without touching base at home. Today I gave blood, chased a wild goose (a clearance-section child's easel at Target, last spotted nearly a week ago buy my aunt), shopped (unsuccessfully) for electronic ephemera at Circuit City, shopped (successfully) for bouncy balls at Party City, paid one last visit to the Waldenbooks at the Wyoming Valley Mall, topped off my gas tank, checked my oil, came home, ate supper, searched (unsuccessfully) for my good tripod, went to 4:00 Mass at a different church than "my" church (parking there is always an adventure, since they have parking spaces for about 30 cars and seating for about 1000 people), and went to my nephew's long-postponed birthday party.

Half of those could be blog entries themselves. But they'll have to wait. I have work in the morning, and I have several things I need to do before I can go to sleep.

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