Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back to work

My four days off are over. My polarity now flips to Work mode for the next four days, assuming I don't get laid off mid-rotation.

I have to admit I like this work schedule. Four days of dancing in a whitespace, and four days off. It's hard on the feet, and getting up at 3:00 in the morning is a pain. But the pay is good - better than anything else available locally at this time. And the four days off give me lots of time to do things I would otherwise have to cram into weekends and after-work hours.

Not that I always get everything accomplished. Today I did manage to pay my current bills, shuffle some money around from a special savings account to a special checking account, use that money to pay may garbage fee, sewer fee, and sewer access fee (two different fees paid to two different entities), put up my new garbage sticker, take down my Christmas decorations (except the tree), get my driver's license renewed, get new glasses ordered, get a 50 lb. bag of cat litter and two 21 lb. bags of cat food, get some pine cat litter, top off my tank (gas went up 10 cents since this morning!), and do a few other things. I failed to get my tires rotated - the driver's license thing took too long, and when I got to the place for the rotation there were two cars ahead of me, and I would have probably been the last job of the day, and I opted to avoid that headache. I also failed to get rock salt; there was a run on it last night and this morning, and everyone is sold out for the moment, so we'll have to get by on what we have left.

And now it's time for bed. I'll probably write telegraphic posts over the next three days after work, and then I'll be back in "off from work" mode. See you then!


Todd HellsKitchen said...

I would love a four day workweek... Not sure how I could get a four day weekend though with a four day workweek... that sounds like some kind of Black Magic!

D.B. Echo said...

The trick is to get everyone to embrace the paradigm shift of the eight-day week!