Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday schedule

I was on layoff last rotation. Actually, I haven't worked a full week since the week before Thanksgiving. I worked three eight-hour days that week, had an eight-hour holiday, and then the plant was closed the day after Thanksgiving. I was supposed to start working the 4x4 (four twelve hour days on, four days off) the following Sunday, but that didn't get communicated properly - so I was on layoff that Sunday, and then worked three twelve-hour days. The following rotation I was supposed to work Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, but I was laid off on Monday, resulting in another 3-day/36-hour week. And last rotation, Tuesday through Friday, I was laid off the whole while.

This rotation I'm not expecting to be laid off. It should start on Wednesday, but that's Christmas Eve, a holiday. Christmas Day, too. So I will need to be in bed by 9:00 Christmas Day to be up at 3:00 bright and early the morning of the 26th, and then again on the 27th. Then I'll have the 28th through the 31st scheduled off, and New Year's Day as a holiday, but I will need to be ready to go back to work the morning of January 2nd.

I'll try to do my holiday visiting sometime in there!

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