Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas visiting

OK, I'm leaving in a few minutes. I originally planned to leave a few hours ago, but one thing led to another, what with me changing my wiper blades and sanding and repainting the wiper arms (it is still too cold to do that, but I'd rather have something on those arms other than cheerful orange rust) and then refilling my front tires (damn, how long was the right front that low?)

Packed the cookies and the mulling spices. I topped off the tank on the way home from work on Saturday, the last time I used the car. Now I just need to finish packing an overnight bag and stop at my house to grab the box of wine - the furnace maintenance can wait another day - and then head on down to my friends' place. No snow left in the Poconos, either, so I won't be taking my ice cream maker.

Maybe I'll post from down there. Maybe not. We'll see!

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