Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flurry of activity

I have my Blogger Dashboard set up to give me a list of the most recent posts from the 30-some blogs I'm following. (It's something like a Google Reader, but somewhat less confusing. I also have a Google Reader.) Most days I will see two, or three, or a half-dozen posts that weren't there yesterday, and I'll click through to see what people are writing about.

I feel bad about this. I used to visit most of these blogs every day just to see if anyone had posted. Now with this feature, as with Live Bookmarks in Firefox, I don't have to visit just to see if there's an update. Which now makes it look like I'm not reading my friends' blogs anymore.

Today I was a little surprised when I opened my Blogger Dashboard and saw dozens of new posts. Some from people who had posted two or three times in a twenty-four hour period.

It was the same on Facebook. Usually I'm seeing just a handful of notes, links, and updates from my friends. Today the list kept going on, and on, and on.

Unfortunately, I'm too whipped to catch up on all these updates tonight, and I have one more day of work to go. Maybe I'll get a second wind after my last day of work tomorrow and be able to read them all then!

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